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Why I Choose to Have Life Insurance Thumbnail

Why I Choose to Have Life Insurance

By Tyler Burgess

I get it. Buying life insurance isn’t exciting or thrill-seeking. It doesn’t check the box for being fun. It is most likely more of a chore if we are being honest. But, there are few things more important than making sure that you have protected your loved ones with life insurance.

As a financial advisor, it is easy for me to recommend buying life insurance to my clients but today, I'm switching hats and sharing with you why I choose to have life insurance as a husband and father.

You may or may not know this but I have a family. I’m married to my best friend and we have been blessed with two beautiful children. The three of them are the biggest blessings in my life. After our second child arrived, we decided that it was best for our family to have my wife stay home full-time. Does she work outside of the home? Nope. Does she still have the toughest job between the two of us? Absolutely! This means that we both provide for our family in different ways but my three count on me to bring home an income. This income keeps the roof over our heads, puts food on the table, and allows us to live comfortably. In a perfect world, I envision the rest of my life by my wife’s side and watching our kids grow up to have kids of their own someday. I’ll work until I choose to retire someday and until that retirement date I’ll bring home an income that will keep things moving right along. 

Let’s talk about something else though. I want to talk about my worst fear. Let’s say that something happened to me tomorrow and I died prematurely. Let’s say that I don’t make it to see my 28th birthday. I would leave behind my wife, a two-year-old daughter, and a one-year-old son. Their world would be completely turned upside down. My wife would be raising two kids by herself. She wouldn’t have an income. Sure, the money in the bank would get her through 6-12 months and would keep her afloat. At some point though, she would be dusting off her scrubs and most likely finding work as a nurse again so that she could support our kids financially. If that happened, our kids who just lost their dad would now lose their mom during the day after being used to spending their days by her side. We would no longer be saving for our retirement, our kids' college, vacations, and more. With the financial uncertainty, our house would end up for sale and our kids would be moved out of their home. What was a happy family of four would now be flipped upside down with a long list of unknowns. 

If my worst fear happened without life insurance, what is above would be inevitable. With life insurance, money would not be a concern. My wife wouldn’t have to go back to work. My kids could still spend their days in our home with their mom. They could stay in our home and not have to worry about paying a mortgage. Every expense would be taken care of and my wife could focus on being a full-time mom and raising our kids. Our kids would have money set aside for college someday. Most importantly, my wife and kids wouldn’t have to change their lifestyle in my absence. They would be taken care of and provided for. That is my goal while I’m living and that is what I would want if something happened to me.

Personally, I can sleep better at night knowing that I have planned for the unfathomable. A little planning goes a long way. If your family is important to you, take the next step and make sure that your loved ones are also protected.

This example is real life and can be the case for real families. Life insurance is the difference-maker. It can’t bring you back but it can make sure that those that you truly love are taken care of.

- - - - - -

If you have questions about life insurance I would be more than happy to help take care of you and your family. You can reach me by call or text at 417-392-0733 or email me at tburgess@hfiadvisors.com

Find out more about Tyler by visiting www.hfiadvisors.com/team